Featured Testimonials

Brian Johnson, CEO @ Miami Web Fest

Howard is truly outstanding is a in variety of ways. His business consulting, website design, and search-engine optimization are top of the line. Because he operates in both the creative space (multimedia industry) and the commercial space (business consulting and development), he is uniquely suited to provide a multitude of business solutions, which he does with exceptional competence, efficiency, and enthusiasm. Working with Howard has been a great decision for my business!

Zachary Lezberg, Founder / CEO @ Small Business Expo

Howard is awesome to work with. He’s hard working (and I mean REALLY hard working), intuitive, takes initiative, and all around someone you would want around to manage. In addition to Howard’s excellent work ethic, he’s also very genuine and lights up every room he walks in to. People love to work with him. I’ve been lucky to have Howard work on many of the shows I’ve produced over the last 5 years. I without a doubt recommend him for any task big or small. Finding good help these days is difficult. I can confidently say Howard is top notch.

Roger Maggio, COO @ Artography Limited

I know Howard since he was in HS. He worked as an intern for my social media company and performed extremely well. He is trustworthy, diligent and completes all tasks as required and he is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. If you have any questions please contact me. Sincerely, Roger Maggio

Bridget Riley-Mazor, Senior Marketing Manager @ MTV Networks

Howard was a highly valued member of our team. He exhibits the passion and drive needed to work in the entertainment industry. With his desire to succeed and to learn as much as possible, he will make an excellent contributor to any team.