Modern Professional

Modern Professional is a digital publication focused on empowering modern professionals to live both fulfilling personal and professional lives.

It features some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, businesspeople, wellness experts, and others to provide readers with immediately actionable skills and strategies. Unlike other publications, it is truly focused on empowering readers rather than simply providing a means through which to push interesting content to attract eyeballs, which can then be converted into advertising dollars.


MP's Website - Home Page

MP’s home page serves as an introduction to the magazine, the value it adds to readers’ lives, and the credibility of the information offered.

Visitors land on a carousel slider focused on immediately conveying the value of the magazine – personal and professional empowerment.

Scrolling down reveals an explanation of the carousel content: GROW. ACHIEVE. SUCCEED. It is followed by a handful of key interest areas.

Scrolling down, users are prompted to subscribe to MP Online using a form. The form is paired with a magazine mockup to satisfy the visitor’s curiosity as to whether the publication is legitimate. Moreover, legitimacy is further strengthened with theย Brands Featured in Our Upcoming Issue banner featuring well-known brands directly below the subscribe form.

Scrolling down reveals further elaborations on two primary ares of interest and lends credibility to the publication by focusing on the credibility of those interviewed in the publication.

Scrolling down reveals a motivational quote from a well-known industry titan selected for its subtle message toward taking action. It is followed by a section on hot tech items, to pair topical interest with the deeper life-altering interest created and supported above.

Scrolling down reveals the final section of the home page, MP Online, which is MP’s blog. Finishing the page with such content increases the likelihood of articles being read due to the trust created and reinforced above.


MP's Website - Magazine Page

Mp’s magazine page is designed to quickly convey interest in the publication.

The page opens with a static photo of a woman engaging in yoga and a title. This both informs visitors where they are and creates a positive vibe for what they’re about to view.

Scrolling down reveals the benefits of reading MP. The objective here is to generate interest in the magazine based on the fact that it can serve as a guidebook to be used to achieve success.

Scrolling down reveals further elaboration on three key focus areas. Trust and interest have already been established above and this section serves to bolster both.

Scrolling down further reveals trust-bolstering information, connecting the publication to well-known and trusted brands in theย Brands Featured in Our Upcoming Issue banner. This banner is followed by two CTA panels, the designs of which have been developed to each represent 50% of an upward-facing arrow, signaling success.


MP's Website - MP Online Page

MP Online is MP’s blog. This page is designed to develop trust by both visitors of other MP pages and visitors coming directly from elsewhere on the internet.

Visitors land on a static lifestyle image and title. The lifestyle image was selected for its care-free vibes, natural background, and the woman using binoculars – something most people rarely do unless they’re doing an activity out of the ordinary.

Scrolling down reveals an email subscription form paired with a graphic that demonstrates MP Online is a multi-platform experience. Such mockup develops trust and increases subscriptions by demonstrating that MP Online will fit their lifestyle through their preferred device. Home-based desktop? Check. Business laptop? Check. Evening reading on their tablet? Check. Reading on phone while stuck in traffic? Check. Below this is the content, the reason for which visitor will visit the page. Visitors are more likely to view content due to the trust developed above.