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Dr. X’s Writing and Jane Smith are fake names to hide the client’s identity. This client was an established author who struggled to write copy that engaged her audience enough to convert. I was retained to write the following copy for the authors writing services website.

About Page

Getting noticed in real life isn’t easy. If you’ve ever interviewed for a job, you likely know that looking presentable is critical to landing the position, no matter how impressive your resume, transcripts, and references are. This principle also holds true for Ecommerce shops and blogs, which are transforming small businesses and smoothly catapulting them into the 21st century. The competition in these areas is fierce. If you envision a career as an Ecommerce entrepreneur or blogger, you need more than a pretty website with a few bells and whistles and a big “idea.” Content is the cash of the internet: it’s king. Content drives search engine results, persuading customers to visit your website. 

Now, not every Ecommerce shop is run by the best writer, so you don’t need to worry about failure if writing isn’t your strong suit. Thankfully, there are many ghostwriters who make a living shadow writing for blogs. But how do you know who you can trust and who basically has the same skills as you? It’s best to look for people and organizations who have a well-documented passion for and success in the field of writing. Dr. X’s Writing is the perfect team for your Ecommerce site or blog. When you work with us, your blog’s content will be both interesting and engaging, and even attract a global audience

No one knows how to write blog posts that’ll heat up your business better than Jane Smith. Smith is both a bestselling author and connoisseur of the written word. She has an M.A. in Communications and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Literature. Her work has appeared in countless periodicals and online publications, including Entertainment Weekly, Hello Giggles, Nerd Approved, Grunge, and My Neon Green Notebook. Her book, Confidential Book Title,  takes an in-depth look at how our ever-changing writing styles can help shape growing industries.

As founder of X Publishing, Smith realizes why great content is so critical for up-and-coming businesses. Her press gets authors on their feet and promotes their work through content curation and presentation. X  limits its services to those writers who demonstrate a knack for the written word, helping young, talented writers obtain the credibility they both need and deserve. Smith believes that talented authors and entrepreneurs need the help of a trustworthy someone to help them propel their writing careers into their second chapters.

Smith began Dr. X’s Writing to help fellow entrepreneurs, like herself, to showcase their products and services through professional, search engine optimized interface. Dr. X’s Writing is a team of talented writers who are dedicated to making your blog or website achieve organic popularity. Her team writes search engine optimized (SEO) blog posts, website content, and technical articles designed to attract readers, customers, and clients onto your website.

Don’t sit in front of your site in despair, thinking “what a failure.” Leave the professional writing, editing, and search engine optimization technicalities to Dr. X’s Writing and watch your web traffic increase at exponential levels. Writing doesn’t have to be hard. Let us do the legwork while your company turns the page and reaches the next chapter in its story.