I’m Howard

Experienced professional screenwriter, creative director, brand strategist. I define, develop, and execute well-thought, purpose-driven narratives.

About Me

I use thought-provoking narratives to tell purpose-driven stories.

My work involves working with brands to define/redefine their market, develop robust brand cohesion and marketing plans, and oversee the execution of such plans. 

My Superpowers

How I can help take your business to the next level

Visual Storytelling

Conceptualize & develop compelling visual stories.

Audience Connection

Engage prospects' emotions and sway behaviors.

Brand Cohesion

Define, develop & execute purpose-driven strategies.

Why choose me

Together we'll create memorable stories

I offer a unique combination of experience, formal education, and professional certifications. 


Self-motivated go-getter focused on adding measurable long-term value.

Creative & Logical

Proven track record of success in both creative and logical endeavors.

Natural Leader

Quick to rise to the occasion and serve as the guide necessary for all. 

Certified Pro

Certified pro with a hunger to learn and endlessly add value.

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