Senior Creative Director
& Brand Strategist

I specialize in leading creative teams & developing and executing well-thought strategies for niche industries.

I provide businesses with creative direction and strategies that convert.

About Me

Over 11 years’ creative experience.

Creativity has always enabled me to think beyond what is and explore what is not. That’s why I choose creative positions over others. I’m a high school dropout turned business and IP law attorney by training. I’ve scrapped my way to the top as a creative and find new ways to add value daily. 

Why Me

From top 3 industry-leading companies to scrappy startups you’ve never heard of…

I provide businesses with world-class creative direction that conveys their brands’ voices while converting customers. My experiences range from running a creative agency to support myself through graduate school to serving as the sole brand strategist for a top 3 worldwide aviation maintenance company. 

I’ve worked on creative marketing and brand strategies for small and large businesses in the following industries: finance, fintech, technology, aviation, companion pet care, med-legal, restaurant, modular home, real estate, manufacturing, and fashion to name a few. 

I most recently served as the Senior Content Strategist at SynergyLabs, a leading global companion pet care company with 12 brands sold in over 60 countries. My day-to-day consisted of strategizing, developing, and refining the Veterinary Formula Clinical Care line’s content and brand strategies for its new direct-to-consumer subscription concept and website.

Beyond the creative professional, I’m a mentor, investor,  attorney (non-practicing), screenwriter, gamer, dog dad, and fan of cookies.

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